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Welcome to CEE Plus!

Origin Story

The Coalition for an Equitable Economy was born as a product of the restless need to provide actionable advocacy, targeted resources and inclusive capital access to BIPOC and Minority-owned small businesses in Massachusetts, after the statistics during and post-covid era revealed the shocking light on the chronically uneven playing field Black, Latino and Indigenous entrepreneurs experience at the face of racial disparity. 

Four years later, CEE is the leader non-profit organization in the Bay State promoting the programs and connections needed to close the racial wealth gap. In 2024, we took on the mission to lead a more impactful initiative to unite Business Support Organizations, Ecosystem Supporters and Small Business Owners into a comprehensive space where each can contribute and collaborate at their specialty; making our shared goal to achieve racial and ethnic parity in business ownership by the end of 2030 a more tangible reality. That's why we created CEE+.

How to Join CEE+

The membership portal is composed of three tiers.

Tier 1 — 
Represented by Business Support Organizations.

Tier 2 — Represented by Ecosystem Supporters.

Tier 3 — Representing Small and Medium Business Owners.

Choose the Right Tier for You

Tier 1 - Small Business Support Organizations

Business Support Organizations (BSOs)

  • Participate in committees and sub-groups.

  • Enjoy discounts on event registrations

  • Get priority access to VIP and exclusive events. 

  • Access the CEE Data Resource Hub and Information Repository, including curated news, announcements, reports, and webinar recordings.

  • Gain recognition for your organization on the CEE’s website and in marketing materials.

  • Advocate for resources that benefit small businesses and partnering organizations

  • Engage in community and thought partnerships.

  • Access educational experiences.

  • Access to referral services.

Tier 2 - Small Business Ecosystem Supporter 

Ecosystem Supporters

  • CEE will market and promote Ecosystem Supporters initiatives advancing small businesses and racial equity.

  • Access the CEE Data Resource Hub and Information Repository, including curated news, reports, and webinar recordings, along with business support organization contacts.

  • Have the opportunity to convene or contribute to ad hoc activities like small business forums.

  • Get priority access to VIP and exclusive events.

  • Brand affinity with the CEE

Tier 3 - Small Businesses

Small/Medium Business Owners/Entrepreneurs (SMBs)

  • Enjoy complimentary access to a partner and small business database.

  • Have the opportunity to convene and contribute, such as to advocacy efforts.

  • Brand affinity with the CEE 

Let’s Work Together

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