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Ecosystem Supporter Partner

Ecosystem Support Organizations should be committed to supporting CEE’s mission, included demonstrated involvement in both racial equity and small business.

Ecosystem Support Organizations will be asked to contribute a flat rate annual fee of $2,000 to help sustain CEE’s programs and operations.

CEE Members gain access to the CEE+ Community, which provides an opportunity for members to connect, collaborate and share knowledge, ideas, and resources in service of strengthening the small business ecosystem.

Your Benefits as an Ecosystem Supporter Partner

  • CEE will market and promote Ecosystem Supporters initiatives advancing small businesses and racial equity

  • Access the CEE Data Resource Hub and Information Repository, including curated news, reports, and webinar recordings, along with business support organization contacts

  • Have the opportunity to convene or contribute to ad hoc activities like small business forums

  • Get priority access to VIP and exclusive events

  • Brand affinity with the CEE

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