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The Coalition for an Equitable Economy (CEE) is a broad cross-sector coalition of stakeholders from across the state aligned around a shared commitment to building an equitable small business ecosystem and to the values of racial equity, collaboration and shared leadership. 

Core stakeholders include entrepreneurs and business leaders, nonprofit and for-profit professional service providers, small business financing partners, educational institutions, policy and thought leaders, government agencies, and individuals who support entrepreneurs.

Members collectively focus on closing the racial wealth gap in Massachusetts through supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs in the state—particularly Black, Latino, Indigenous-owned and other underserved communities—and by actively working to remove barriers to their growth and success.



Small Business Support Organization

An organization who provides business development, technical assistance, training, advisory services, capital or other support services to the small business of Massachusetts, as well as a meaningful commitment to racial equity. Examples include a Small Business Technical Assistance provider, small business Capital Provider, or an Advocacy Organization.

Annual Membership Fee: $500 - $3,000
Dependent on annual budget size.

Small Business Ecosystem Supporter

An organization that at least partially supports small businesses and entrepreneurs through its work and demonstrates a meaningful commitment to racial equity. Examples include philanthropic organizations, large corporate, education or other “anchor” institutions, and/or civic supporters.

Annual Membership Fee: $2,000

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Small Businesses

CEE provides small businesses with access to the organizations who offer resources they need to grow and thrive. Small business owners are encouraged to sign up to join the growing CEE community and learn more about what types of advisory, capital, and other resources are available to them.

Free Membership to small businesses
with 500 employees or less.

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